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Signs It Is Time for a Data Center Upgrade

Upgrading your data center might be expensive, but it’s an investment in your firm’s future. Avoiding upgrades can bog your system down and lead to emergency fixes or expensive downtime. At Ham’s Electric, Inc in Upland, CA, we understand that the quality of your data center dictates your firm’s success. That’s why it needs to […]

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Why Critical Power Supplies Are Important In Data Centers

Just like most things that rely on power to function, data centers require electricity for all things. If there is no power, then there is no data. To ensure there is no downtime and that everything is running smoothly in a data center, facility managers and owners must ensure that all critical equipment constantly has […]

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How to Know It’s Time for a Data Center Upgrade

Hardware upgrades can be expensive, but they’re an investment in your company’s future. Avoiding upgrades will eventually bog your system down and lead to expensive downtime or emergency fixes. Is it time for your next upgrade? With the help of a good power company, you can create a data center upgrade project plan that will […]

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