Why Critical Power Supplies Are Important In Data Centers

Just like most things that rely on power to function, data centers require electricity for all things. If there is no power, then there is no data. To ensure there is no downtime and that everything is running smoothly in a data center, facility managers and owners must ensure that all critical equipment constantly has a steady supply of uninterrupted power. However, one cannot rely on commercial power companies to supply power all the time. Otherwise, operations will stop from time to time, and this can be a huge inconvenience. Efficient data center critical power supplies can provide you with power constantly, hence lowering the risk of downtime.

How Much Energy Do Data Centers Use?

Facility managers use a lot of energy to ensure data centers are running continuously. According to reports, in a year, one data center uses more than 90 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. This is roughly the output of 34 coal-powered power plants. And on a global scale, data centers use about 3% of the world’s electricity. That just goes to show why the critical power supply need in data centers is so important.

Often, when someone talks about the advantages of critical power supplies, what comes to mind is the equipment that will still function, hence ensuring operations continue. But while this is the obvious benefit of having such a system in place, other benefits are discussed below.

Preventing Power Surges

Typically, a UPS system will have commercial power running through it. This allows it to intercept any power surge before it can cause any damage to the equipment. This is very important when you have sensitive electronics.

Provides Even Electricity

It is not all the time that the electricity coming through your sockets will be at a perfectly consistent rate. While these small fluctuations might not disrupt your computer, with time, they can cause damage. The UPS will even have commercial power running through it, hence preventing equipment damage.

Cut Back On Your Electrical Load

Undoubtedly, large data centers use significant amounts of electricity. Facility managers that purchase a UPS system powered by diesel can benefit in that the system can operate alongside the commercial power supply during periods of peak usage. This will earn the company credits for helping the community around by preventing brown-outs.  

Updating your critical power supplies also means installing a cloud-based software solution in your system that can monitor critical equipment and alert you in case there are any issues that can affect your operations. You do not need to be physically present to monitor equipment. Plus, you will get instant notification on faulty equipment, allowing you to solve issues on time.

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