What Is a Mission-Critical Power Specialist?

Most people understand the concept of having mission-critical power sources and supplies. Many people are also familiar with many different situations that can qualify as mission-critical environments. Yes, there is more to it than simply providing the power and resources operations need when power or system failures occur, but people generally get the basic concepts.

What people may not be so familiar with, however, is the role of a mission-critical power specialist. Yes, that does correctly imply that mission-critical power specialists are experts in mission-critical power situations and environments, but they also do much more.

Mission-Critical Power Specialists

The work and role of mission-critical power specialists like the team at Ham’s Electric, Inc. go well beyond providing uninterrupted power supply (UPS) options, or being a source for emergency generator power. In fact, mission-critical power specialists address the entire operation before, during, and after major power failures, system shutdowns, and other operational catastrophes.

Mission-Critical Environments

The phrase "mission critical" conjures up images of space odysseys or types of Hollywood end-of-days movie scenes. While those scenarios are greatly embellished, for the most part, the life-and-death element is very real for each mission-critical environment.

The most practical definition of a mission-critical environment is any scenario where the operations of any type of organization or business are at risk of becoming inoperable. That can be for dire operations such as hospitals or first responder services, to manufacturing facilities, transportation services, or communications facilities, among others.

Mission-critical power specialists begin by installing with worst-case scenarios in mind. They provide reliable backup systems for computer systems, power generation resources for all essential operations, and continuity planning programs, in addition to other emergency and preventative measures.

Ham’s Electric, Inc.: Mission-Critical Power Specialists

Welcome to Ham’s Electric, Inc., where we have been the mission-critical power specialist for operations throughout the Inland Empire. Since 1986, we have delivered mission-critical power services for hospital systems, telecom installations, computer facilities, critical equipment installations, critical power systems, and more. 

At Ham’s Electric, Inc., we have successfully installed a wide range of medical systems, including MRI, NICU, ICU/CCU, switchgears, labs, nurse callers, surge protectors, fire alarms, and telecommunications. When your operations become a mission-critical environment, you want Ham’s Electric as your mission-critical power specialist.

We are your primary choice for installation, service, and maintenance, and as you should expect from your mission critical power specialist, we provide 24-hour emergency service. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation today.