What You Need To Know About Electrical Safety in Your Office

When we think of electrical safety, we often think of our homes and how we can be safer there. Electrical safety, however, really applies to anywhere we are. Since today people spend so much time at the workplace, electrical safety in the office is of true importance. This quick guide will share some important office electrical safety tips. 

Trained Staff Only

If there is some type of electrical hazard in the office, it is important that only a trained staff member or professional interacts with the hazard. This can include live electrical currents greater than 50V or any obvious electrical issue. Other electrical hazards could include malfunctioning light switches, outlets, or appliances that have shorted out.

Proper Training for Equipment

If there is equipment that must be used which is electrical, it is essential that all staff members that will be using it are trained properly. This is definitely not an area where corners can be cut or shortcuts taken.

Proper Use of Common Electrical Items

It is also important that any electrical items in the workplace are used properly. This can include things as simple as the printer or microwave in a break room. Be sure that simple electrical safety is followed, such as:

  • Unplug a cord at the plug rather than yank on the cord
  • Do not stretch electrical cords
  • Do not fasten cords to other surfaces using staples
  • Do not allow electrical equipment to dangle from a cord

Regular Inspection

To ensure that electrical equipment is in proper working order, it is a good idea to have regular inspections of the equipment. This gives you the opportunity to identify any bad cords or damage that could pose an electrical hazard later on.

Install Barriers Around Hazards

If there is an electrical hazard that is being repaired, it is crucial that proper barriers are installed around the area to ensure that no one is injured. If electrical professionals are on site performing repairs or maintenance, all staff must be aware to stay out of that area.

Training for Electric Shock Emergencies

It is also essential that the workplace have staff members on site each workday who are trained in CPR to deal with an electric shock emergency. A severe electric shock can cause someone to go unconscious, stop breathing or have a cardiac arrest.

If this happens at the workplace, it is important that staff is prepared to administer CPR. Workplace first responders are a crucial part of an office’s safety plan. It is also important that there be an AED device on sight and that qualified staff is trained to use it in an emergency.

There should be at least one workplace first responder per shift or per work area to assist with these types of emergencies. Electric shock is not the only instance in which a workplace first responder, CPR, or an AED device might be needed. 

Use these electrical safety tips for the workplace to keep employees and staff safe.