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Best Practices for Mission Critical Facility Power Systems

Most businesses and operations depend on a reliable power supply to reduce the risk of data loss, equipment damage and keep the operations running. Mission-critical facilities require a reliable power supply. That means there should be measures in place to ensure there is no significant loss of power that can halt operations for an extended […]

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What Mission-Critical Power Specialists Do

When it comes to hospitals, data centers, utility control systems, aviation control systems and many more systems, there is no room for power interruptions. These companies or operations require measures in place that ensure constant power supply. Ham’s Electric, Inc. has experienced technicians to design, install, repair and service electrical systems. So, what are mission-critical specialists and […]

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What You Need to Know About Computer Power Quality

Ever spend hours working on a project only to be confronted with the blue screen of death? It might have been caused by a power quality issue. Despite protecting your electronics with antivirus software, spyware blockers, monitoring software and more, many companies overlook the importance of power quality analysis. Surges, blackouts and other issues can […]

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