How To Improve Energy Efficiency in Hospitals

Hospitals have extremely high energy costs — approximately $8 billion annually. The main reason for these high expenses is that everything is constantly running in healthcare facilities. Lights, HVAC, and other equipment have to be always on because patient health and safety is the primary priority. Fortunately, it is possible to improve energy efficiency and reduce these costs. Here are the best practices for energy-efficiency in commercial buildings, including hospitals. 

Installing Lighting Controls

Lighting controls will help you reduce your energy bills. Even though there are many areas in your building where you need lights 24/7, you can install occupancy sensors in certain rooms. These rooms can be meeting rooms, examination rooms, and offices. Installing dimmers in patient rooms is also a good idea, especially if patients stay overnight. Dimmers allow them to control lighting in their rooms and feel more satisfied. 

Switching To LED Lighting 

If you switch to LED lighting, you will be able to save a lot. Here are three effective options that will allow you to save your energy: 

  • Retrofit light fixtures and light bulbs. This option will allow you to save the most, but it is also the most expensive one. 
  • Retrofit light bulbs. Your hospital probably has a lot of linear fluorescent tubes installed across the building. You can replace them with LED lighting, which is also a great savings option. 
  • Retrofit areas where the lights are on 24/7. These areas may include hallways, lobby, stairwells, waiting rooms, and others. Safety is the primary concern in these areas, so the burn time can be quite high. Even if you retrofit in these areas only, you will be able to save a lot. 

HVAC Optimization And Maintenance

Another proven effective method to reduce energy costs is to do HVAC preventative maintenance. If you recommission your existing HVAC equipment, you will be able to improve energy efficiency in a hospital or any other type of commercial building by 10%. Also, make sure to replace air handling filters regularly, replace leaking steam traps, and clean cooling towers. This all will help you save on your energy bills. 

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