Types of Uninterruptible Power Supplies

In business organizations or any other operation, there is always a chance that power will get interrupted. This will create a scenario where your project will likely get destroyed or damaged. As a result, you might find it challenging to continue with your business operations in some instances. Business downtimes have been very common, many resulting from power outages. 

However, you don’t have to face disasters or downtimes in your organization when you adopt the technology that can keep your business operating. Various companies are using uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). 

What Is an Uninterruptible Power Supply? 

This device provides backup power in case there is a primary power outage. The uninterruptible power supply will bridge the gap between the two power sources and provide enough time for you to save your work or get an alternative source of power. This means that you won’t experience any downtime in your business operations.

What Are the Types of Uninterruptible Power Supplies?

There are multiple devices that can keep your power in check, which means you will continue your business operations with ease. Here are the different types of uninterruptible power supplies. 

  • Double conversion uninterruptible power supply

Double-conversion power supplies are the most expensive types of UPS systems. However, they offer the best protection as they completely isolate the equipment from all power problems. In addition, this type of UPS acts as a filter and eliminates any electrical noise that might be harmful to your equipment.

  • Line-Interactive uninterruptible power supply

This is a less expensive type of UPS mostly used in small businesses. The line-interactive UPS will also provide power conditioning and can regulate low or high voltage without using the battery. This uninterruptible power supply is mostly used to protect equipment that is not very sensitive to power fluctuations.

  • Standby uninterruptible power supply

This is the most common type of UPS that you will find in the market. It’s mostly used in computers and other office equipment. The standby UPS switches to battery power in case of a power outage. Therefore, it’s able to provide backup power for a short period. You can use it if you don’t have sufficient resources to buy a system that can sustain a power supply for an extended period.

  • Offline uninterruptible power supply

The offline UPS is mostly used in household electronic devices. It provides basic protection from power surges and brownouts. The offline UPS will switch to battery power when there is a blackout but won’t protect your equipment from voltage fluctuations. However, as a homeowner struggling to deal with severe power outages, this is the system you should be incorporating, and it will guarantee sufficient power backup.


Don’t wait for a power outage before looking for an uninterruptible power supply. You should always be proactive and get a UPS system to protect your equipment from voltage fluctuations and blackouts. The needs of your business will determine the type of UPS system you choose. Contact Ham’s Electric, Inc. for more information about the best UPS system for your business.