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Why Is It Important to Have an Emergency Backup Power Supply?

If you own or operate a business, you need to have a plan in place for any type of emergency situation, including major storms and power failures. Most commercial facilities don’t have a sufficient backup power supply to keep the facility running should the power go out. With blackouts and power outages becoming more frequent […]

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The Importance of Backup Power Generators

When you have a commercial or medical facility, you need to be prepared for anything—including massive power outages. The recent Texas snowstorm outages were a good reminder that sometimes nature (and the power grid) have unexpected surprises in store. Wildfires, storms, earthquakes and intense summer heat are all possible here in California, so it’s important […]

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Reasons Your Business Should Have an Emergency Generator

As a business owner, you’re in an interesting position, having to strike a balance between protecting your profits and investing in ways to keep your employees and your merchandise secure. One resource that you shouldn’t overlook in that never-ending quest is an emergency generator. These standby devices can prove invaluable when the lights go out […]

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