The Importance of Emergency Generator Systems

If you live in California, you’re no stranger to natural disasters, from earthquakes to wildfires. Whether your business suffers a power outage from a disaster, storm or other reason, generators are important to keep your systems going.

Whether you’re a healthcare facility, telecom company or other critical service, it’s crucial to have emergency and standby power systems ready to go. When an outage strikes, the consequences could range from expensive downtime to life-or-death outcomes.

Here’s a closer look at some of the reasons why generators are important to your business:

  • Keep all critical systems operating: Hospitals are a great example of why a company or facility needs to have an emergency generator system. If a power outage strikes, hospitals can’t afford to have their equipment go down. After all, respirators, monitors and other critical equipment are always in use, helping keep patients alive. Even a minute without power could have devastating results for vulnerable patients. Whether you operate a hospital or other type of business, having backup power generators will ensure that all of your critical systems continue to operate.
  • Prevent expensive downtime: Downtime can cost thousands of dollars per hour, and your business may be completely halted until the power is back up. When you have a backup generator, the automatic transfer switch will immediately flip as soon as the power goes out. Your business won’t suffer any downtime—or loss of productivity—which means that you can go about business as usual. Given how often the power goes out during extreme weather, this is a smart solution for many businesses.
  • Protect your customers’ data: When you’re in a business that collects customer data, power outages can create data vulnerabilities. Customers and clients want to know that their sensitive information is kept safe no matter what. A backup generator makes this possible. Your servers, computers, phones and other devices may not even register the outage, since your generator will automatically switch on.
  • Keep the lines of communication open: Finally, installing a backup generator ensures that the lines of communication remain open. If you’re providing a critical service, like emergency services or healthcare, this is even more important during an outage. Your generator will support your phone lines and servers so that customers still get the same level of service they’ve come to expect.
  • Maintain comfortable environments: In some parts of the country, summer can see temperatures well over 110°F on a regular basis. When the power goes out during a heat wave, it can be deadly. Emergency generators ensure that your indoor temperatures remain comfortable and safe for everyone.
  • Prevent spoilage: Finally, if you’re in the food, pharmaceutical or other temperature-sensitive business, your emergency and standby power systems will prevent your products from spoiling during the outage.

Now that you know why generators are important, contact Ham’s Electric, Inc. for your own emergency and standby power systems. No matter the size and scope of your business, we can provide power solutions to meet your needs.