Signs It Is Time for a Data Center Upgrade

Upgrading your data center might be expensive, but it’s an investment in your firm’s future. Avoiding upgrades can bog your system down and lead to emergency fixes or expensive downtime. At Ham’s Electric, Inc in Upland, CA, we understand that the quality of your data center dictates your firm’s success. That’s why it needs to run smoothly. You need to constantly reevaluate your data system. This might seem daunting, but here are signs it is time to upgrade your data center.

Poor Cooling Performance

It’s time to upgrade your data center if you sweat as you go around it!  Using standing floor fans to cool your data center only offers a temporary solution — it doesn’t make it perform optimally. Consult us for the best approach to the issue.

The Data Center Is Constantly Evolving

Today’s data centers are being developed with hyper-converged tech that has expanded to about 100GB. Avoid depending on the 1st generation hyper-converged network, as it wasn’t built to support the amount of traffic that exists currently.

You’ll start noticing that there is too much latency with your system. The network can’t support the traffic without packet optimization and intelligent routing that come with new networking standards. Holding to an aging network will cause slowed-down productivity and eventually lead to lost data.

It Needs Much Time

If you have to spend too much time keeping your data center going, that is another sign of a failing data center. An experienced data center solution partner will help cut down on all the time you spend keeping your data center running.

For example, suppose your power distribution system doesn’t perform well, and its design makes maintenance and service checks harder. In that case, the firm might suggest better PDU options for faster and more efficient service checks.

Cluttered Space

If your system is messed up with a ton of cabling problems, we can provide better approaches to deploying and designing your cables. You can count on us to fix the issue and ensure the system meets your requirements for manageability, flexibility, and cost.

Can’t Add Equipment

If you can’t add another machine or equipment, your data center is due for an upgrade. Consult us to help upgrade, renovate or put in a new data center that meets your business’s needs. Upgrading your data center can be a complex process. You’ll need to hire a professional service. 

You Are Unable to Maintain Compliance Requirements

When it becomes challenging to maintain government and internal guideline compliance, you need to upgrade your data center. Since a data center uses a lot of power, its environmental effect is huge. Sadly, they’re often not designed as efficiently as they should be. You might end up paying for power you didn’t consume. That’s why it befits to upgrade periodically. Also, upgrading shows your clients that you care about security, downtime, and environmental impacts. If you can’t offer your customer a secure and seamless experience, they’re sure to find someone better than you.

Contact Ham’s Electric, Inc in Upland, CA, to Help Protect Your Data Center

Hopefully, you now understand signs you are overdue for an upgraded data center. It can be a costly and daunting task that causes a major disruption to your firm’s operations. Fortunately, we can help limit business interruptions, and create a well-functioning data center. Let Ham’s Electric, Inc in Upland, CA, perform a custom assessment of your current data center to determine the problem. Contact us today to learn more about our services.