What You Need to Know About Electrical Transformer Maintenance

An electrical transformer is responsible for transferring energy from one circuit to another. So, when you experience transformer failure, you could be without power for an extended period. Performing routine maintenance is the best way to prolong your transformer’s lifespan while ensuring you never have electrical issues. This post from a trusted electrical troubleshooting company will cover all of the different types of maintenance that should be performed.

Daily maintenance

It might seem like overkill, but daily maintenance is essential for your transformer. The first step is to check the magnetic oil gauge (MOG) levels in the main tank and conservator tank. Make sure the oil levels are correct and top them off if not.

A transformer uses silica gel to control the moisture level and prevent moisture from entering the equipment. The gel changes to a pinkish color as it ages. Call an electrician to replace the gel if it seems discolored.

Finally, check for any exterior leaks. Even if the leak seems small, call an electrical repair company to patch it up. The leak will only get worse as time goes on, inevitably leading to transformer failure.

Monthly maintenance

Daily maintenance can prevent a ton of transformer problems, but it’s also important to mark your calendar to perform a monthly inspection or hire an electrical troubleshooting company to perform it for you.

Again, monthly maintenance includes checking oil levels and topping them off if necessary. You’ll also want to check the breathing holes in your silica gel breather and clean them out to reduce the chance of moisture damage.

These steps seem simple, but hiring an electrician to perform monthly maintenance is in your best interest. A professional can often spot a malfunctioning transformer and make repairs before their customers notice something’s amiss.

Yearly maintenance

Your yearly transformer maintenance should only be left to a trained professional. This yearly check-up includes an in-depth inspection of the entire transformer—including all of the circuits—as well as a thorough cleaning of all necessary components. Adjustments and repairs are also often made at this time to ensure your transformer lasts for as long as possible.

It’s vital to hire an electrician to perform this work for a few reasons. Transformers are high-voltage units, and any slip-ups could result in severe injuries or even death. Additionally, the average person doesn’t know what they’re looking at when they’re trying to work on their transformer. Even if you watch YouTube videos for maintenance, you could end up doing more harm than good.

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