Why You Should Have an Uninterruptible Power Supply

Even though nearly every facet of modern life relies on having consistent and reliable access to electricity, power is still something that many of us take for granted. That is, of course, until the power unexpectedly goes out. Whether you’re working from home or you’re in charge of a million-dollar company, this can have disastrous effects, which is why it’s important to have proper power supply installation focused on allowing for uninterrupted power. Read on to learn more about how an uninterruptible power supply can keep things running smoothly.

What is an uninterruptible power supply?

An uninterruptible power supply is a piece of hardware that protects anything plugged into it from immediate harm caused by sudden power outages, spikes, surges or brownouts. This is especially important for computers and data servers.

This unit helps regulate the power voltage for any device plugged into it. It also provides a power source during blackouts thanks to an internal battery backup. It works kind of like the power strip you’re probably using somewhere already in your home or business, but it is much larger and heavier due to the internal battery and voltage-regulating hardware it contains.

When the power goes out—or when the voltage fluctuates significantly, such as during a brownout or power surge—the power supply automatically switches to battery backup power to ensure continuous, clean power. This battery backup will not provide long-lasting power—usually they are rated for at least half an hour of continuous power—but it helps avoid damage to your sensitive machines while you locate an alternate energy source such as a generator.

Benefits of an uninterruptible power supply

As any experienced power supply company will tell you, there are countless benefits to keeping an uninterruptible power supply as part of your power chain for sensitive machines like computers and data servers. If your business relies on continuous access to a data server, or even access to the internet (remember, no power means your modem and wi-fi router will go down, too), this can be an invaluable tool to help stave off major losses.

For example, if you’re in the middle of a data transfer, a power outage may result in files getting corrupted or lost. With an uninterruptible power supply, the unit can alert you of a problem and give you enough time to safely protect any unsaved data or stop any data transfers.

The benefits apply to businesses big and small. Multiple computers can be plugged into one uninterruptible power supply, making it an invaluable investment in the safety and security of your business.

When you need essential electrical service or mission-critical power specialists, it’s important to work with a power supply company with the right experience for the job. With 24-hour emergency service as well as experience in design, installation and maintenance since 1986, Ham’s Electric, Inc. should be your first call for any power supply installation needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can do for your operation.