Commercial Electrical Issues and Repair

In the business world, there are several important responsibilities to keep track of. These can include customer satisfaction, employee issues, handling payroll, and dealing with your suppliers. One area of responsibility not to overlook is regular maintenance and this includes electrical issues.

Commercial property electrical troubleshooting and repair is an important part of regular upkeep and knowing the proper electrical troubleshooting tips for industrial businesses can help you locate issues before they become more severe.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Gather Information: When you detect an electrical issue, the first step is to start gathering useful information. Record how electrical issues are affecting your equipment and production, talk to your employees and see how it is impacting daily activities, and check to see how long this issue has been occurring. The more information you have, the easier it is to isolate the cause of your electrical problems.
  • Pinpoint the Issue When You Can: Once you’ve done your initial research, the next step is to isolate the cause of your electrical problem. Finding the exact cause can often only be performed by a professional, but you may still be able to narrow down potential areas of concern. Look for easily detected problems such as visually damaged wiring or outlets. Also, knowing what part of your business location is having electrical problems can, in some cases, isolate the general area where the problem is originating from.
  • Hire a Licensed Professional as Soon as Possible: Unless you are an electrician and have experience in the field, you should contact a professional as soon as possible. A licensed professional ensures the work is done both properly and safely. This allows you to have the problem fixed while reducing the chance of any additional problems or delays.

Common Issues

  • A Lack of Power: In some industries, a lot of power is a must due to equipment needs. A lack of power is not a repair problem, but it is a sign your electrical system needs updating so you can work at maximum efficiency. Power outages can also be a sign that your electrical grid needs updates.
  • Faulty Outlets: Sparks and other problems with your electrical outlets can be caused by various underlying issues including a lack of power and faulty wiring. A professional can detect the exact cause.
  • Flickering Lights: Your lighting being unreliable is another common electrical issue. This can make daily work tasks difficult and also create a bad impression if your business is customer-facing. As lighting issues can have a variety of causes, a professional will be needed to conclude what repairs are needed.

If you’ve detected any electrical issues you shouldn’t wait to call a professional. By reaching out to a pro, you prevent possible additional damage from occurring, address current issues, and can get back to work.