An Overview of Complete Power Supply in Upland, CA

Power supply units are used in a variety of applications. Not all models of power supplies are the same—they’ll be designed differently depending on the application for which they’re used. So, to choose the right type of power supply for your needs, you will need to have a general understanding of what these units are meant to do and how they operate.

A power supply is not the same thing as a power source, which usually is an electrical outlet or generator. The power supply converts the energy from that power source into the proper voltage and format for the specific device to which power is being delivered.

Power supplies might need to change the voltage either up or down, convert power to direct current (DC) or make outgoing voltage smoother and more regulated.

Dealing with voltage

The prime purpose of power supplies is changing voltage. The power source you use will have a steady electrical output. This means there’s a possible risk of overload if the device being used doesn’t require that constant power. To avoid overloading, power supplies lower the voltage (or step it up, if necessary) to meet the device’s requirements.

Too much power could result in damage to the device, but too little power could result in poor operation.

Power conversion

Power supplies change the power coming into the unit in a format that is usable for the device. In other words, it might change AC to DC, or you could find a DC-DC power supply that allows you to plug devices into car outlets or other sources that already supply DC power. The most common type, by far, is AC-DC.

Power regulation

When power supplies change up the voltage and convert the power, the output may or may not be steady. There will be fluctuations in the outcoming voltage, which makes it necessary to regulate that power. Without regulation, you could get far more power than expected, which could cause a surge that damages electronic devices permanently.

While power supply units with power regulation functionality typically cost more, the investment is worth it to prevent you from experiencing significant damage to your electronics and equipment that can be extremely expensive to replace.

Not every power supply unit needs to be packed with features—in some cases, going with a feature-rich unit will cost you more money than necessary without providing any real advantages in return. But it’s important to at least make sure any unit you purchase has all of the features required for your specific application.

If you’re interested in learning more about the various power supply units available on the market or what you should know about their functionality before you make a purchase, we encourage you to contact the team at Ham’s Electric, Inc. We are your go-to source for complete power supply in Upland, CA, and would be happy to answer any questions you have for our team of experts. Reach out to schedule a consultation—we look forward to discussing your needs!