The Electrical Troubleshooting Process

Your machinery loses power. The lights flicker. There’s a surge in electricity. Each of these scenarios indicates an issue with your electrical system. In these situations, what should you do? Fortunately, there is a simple process you can use to troubleshoot electrical problems. Use the following seven steps for electrical troubleshooting for your unit in Upland, CA.

Step 1: Information gathering

The first thing you should do if you experience an electrical problem is to gather information about the issue. Consider how all of the equipment involved should operate normally and how it is operating currently. Look for any technical documentation that may provide helpful information. Lastly, determine if this same issue has occurred in the past and if anyone is available who might be familiar with the problem.

Step 2: Understanding the malfunction

Get more specific about the particular malfunction of the equipment. How is the equipment supposed to work? Which components are not functioning properly? This will help narrow down the problem.

Step 3: Parameter identification and evaluation

The next step involves identifying which parameters can be measured and using those measurements to identify what is out of normal range. For example, could you take temperature readings that would provide helpful insight? Perhaps you can take a voltage reading to determine if the voltage levels are out of acceptable range.

Step 4: Source identification

Use all available tools and data to identify the source of the problem. Determine which component is causing the issue by isolating various components and evaluating their performance.

Step 5: Repairs

Once the problem component is identified, make the necessary repairs or replacement. Consult with a professional electrician to safely perform this maintenance.

Step 6: Repair verification

After the repair has been completed, restart the system. Verify that it is operating properly. This test will reveal any further issues that may also be present. If the system does not perform as desired, restart the troubleshooting process to identify the additional problems in the system.

Step 7: Root cause analysis

This final step should be performed to prevent future problems. It involves determining the cause of the malfunction. Was machinery used improperly? Is the power supply insufficient for the application? Perform this analysis, then make any necessary adjustments to prevent further issues.

Bonus step: Professional expertise

At any point in the seven-step process, professional input is helpful. Do not hesitate to contact your local electrical experts to gain their insights into the issue. They have the knowledge, tools and experience to help with electrical troubleshooting for your unit in Upland, CA.

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