What Is a Power Monitoring System?

Power monitoring systems in Upland, CA are used to measure power. Advancements that have occurred in power monitoring technology over the years have made it possible to implement these systems in a much wider variety of settings, including small businesses.

The system features an interconnected network of meters that use the internet to provide real-time data on your facility’s power system. These meters are connected to online software that allows those with access (including facility owners and those servicing the system) to pinpoint potential electrical problems.

The meter features outstanding storage capacity for electrical information, and spends all day, every day monitoring power at your facility. Even surges and sags as fast as a millisecond can be detected and logged in the system.

Once that information gets collected, it’s sent to a software management system. You can set certain alarms or notifications to get immediate information about any power systems functioning outside normal parameters. This makes it easier for you to see and track information about events you otherwise likely wouldn’t notice during the course of your normal operations. As such, you’ll be able to be proactive about your electrical issues—by getting instant notifications, you can also make immediate adjustments, meaning you don’t have to wait until you see sudden changes in your energy bills to determine that something’s wrong and that you need to make some changes. This will save you a great deal of money over time.

The benefits of using a power monitoring system

If you didn’t have a way to monitor and track your electrical system, its power usage and any electrical issues that occur, it would be nearly impossible to be proactive with your energy usage. With more and more building and business owners focused on saving energy (both for sustainability and for financial savings), power monitoring is an ideal solution to help you reduce your energy usage and costs thanks to its real-time data tracking.

Using a power monitoring system also allows you to extend the lifespan of your IT equipment. When you’re able to pinpoint electrical issues before they become severe, you can take the appropriate corrective action and perform preventative maintenance to prevent the issues from worsening and potentially damaging your equipment. It allows you to prevent damage that could occur to motors during power surges or dangerous electrical currents. This also helps you prevent conductors and transformers from overheating and sustaining damage.

Finally, as we’ve hinted at previously, investing in a power monitoring system in Upland, CA will help you save money. If you’ve been tracking your energy bills and notice your costs have been steadily rising, this is probably due to your inability to track issues in your electrical system in real time to make the necessary adjustments. Power monitoring systems help you take greater control over your electrical usage.

These are just a few examples of some of the benefits associated with power monitoring and electrical design engineering in Upland, CA. For more information about these services, contact the team at Ham’s Electric, Inc. today.