Common Commercial Electrical Problems That Require Troubleshooting

Whether you’re operating a towering high-rise or a bustling industrial site, there is a lot that can go wrong in a commercial building. Take, for example, the sprawling network of circuits and wires that make up your building’s electrical system. Regardless of which industry you’re in, troubleshooting electrical issues in commercial buildings in Upland, CA is best left to a professional.

Here is a typical list of common electrical issues in commercial buildings and ways a professional can help:

  • Dead outlets: Nothing stops productivity in its tracks like an outlet that doesn’t work. It could be a matter of resetting a circuit, or it could indicate a larger issue in your electrical system like a loose connection or buildup of heat.
  • Burnt-out lights: You might not believe that you’d need a professional’s help troubleshooting electrical issues in your commercial building in Upland, CA when the problem is a simple burnt-out light bulb. If the issue happens repeatedly, though, a professional electrician can check for faulty or corroded wiring that could be causing the problem.
  • Flickering lights: You would be amazed by the negative impact that a consistently flickering light can have on your employees’ performance. If replacing a bulb doesn’t work, a flickering light could pose a larger threat than just diminished performance.
  • Tripped breakers: If you’re seeing the building’s breakers tripped consistently, it could be a result of your building putting too much strain on the electrical source. Neglecting consistently tripping breakers can dramatically increase the odds of a fire starting on-site. An electrician can help determine how to increase your power capacity.
  • Unprotected wiring: Any buildings that show any sign of unprotected wiring could be in violation of state and federal safety statutes. If you spot unprotected wiring in your building, you should call in a professional immediately.
  • Improper installation: Even if you have the best intentions in mind, you could be doing your commercial or residential building a grave disservice. Improperly installing telephones, copiers, HVAC machines, space heaters and the like can have far-reaching repercussions on your electrical system. In other words, choosing the correct electrician is vital to ensuring the safety and security of your employees.

These are just the most common items that can impact your building’s electrical system.

Get the electrical help you need

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