Investing in Your Business with Surge Protectors

Getting surge protectors for your buildings is one of the smartest ways to protect your equipment and keep your business running smoothly. Chances are, you already use power strips at your home and office, which will protect electronics like your computers. However, getting whole-building surge protectors will protect larger equipment that has to be plugged directly into an outlet. Here’s why we encourage investing in your business with surge protectors in Upland, CA.

What causes power surges?

Your appliances and electronics are designed to run at a certain voltage—often around 120V in the United States. However, electricity isn’t always delivered at a steady rate. Sometimes the power can surge above 120V, or drop to zero. Any surges above 169V deliver too much power. Electric currents generate heat. When the current is too powerful, it can burn out sensitive electronic panels.

Power surges are caused by an unusual electrical flow, which can be the result of natural events like lightning storms, or issues within the power grid. Since these are generally unpredictable occurrences, it’s best to have a surge protector to keep your equipment safe.

Why are surge protectors a good investment in Upland, CA?

No one can anticipate a power surge, so it’s best to be prepared for them at any time. Here are a few of the best reasons to make surge protection a priority for your business’ electrical systems—especially vital circuits.

  • Protect your equipment. Every business has at least one system they rely on 24/7, whether that’s security alarms, monitoring, manufacturing equipment or computers. An unexpected power surge can disrupt power to your electronics, shutting down equipment or leaving your building unprotected. Using a surge protector helps ensure you won’t suffer any downtime as a result.
  • Regulate electricity flow. Commercial buildings use more power on average than a residential property. If your business is located in an older building or one with faulty wiring, using surge protectors is a must. Unstable electrical currents can trip your breakers or blow out fuses. Surge protectors help regulate the electricity flow, so it’s less likely to cause damage or downtime.
  • Avoid issues during events and presentations. Having a backup plan is the number one rule of event planning. (You might know it as Murphy’s law: assume that whatever could go wrong will go wrong.) When you’re hosting special events or are giving presentations to a VIP, using surge protectors is a smart way to avoid electrical issues. No one wants to call their local electrician when they’re trying to convince a client to work with the company.
  • Prevent damage during power surges. As mentioned earlier, power surges can be devastating to sensitive electronic equipment. When electrical storms hit or there are issues on the power grid, your surge protectors will make sure that high-voltage currents don’t burn out your equipment. It’s a relatively low-cost investment that will protect your expensive electronics.

Using surge protectors isn’t just common sense—it’s necessary to protect your business from power surges and all the problems that come with them. Don’t risk damaging your equipment and investments.

When you’re ready to buy and install commercial surge protectors, call Ham’s Electric, Inc. today. We sell, install and service surge protection systems across the Inland Empire.