OSHPD: What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

The OSHPD is a critical part of California’s government oversight. OSHPD stands for the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, which includes collecting data about our state’s healthcare system and oversees the construction and safety of healthcare facilities within the state. When you’re running a healthcare practice, it’s critical that you’re able to withstand issues like earthquakes, wildfires and power outages. Ham’s Electric, Inc. follows OSHPD’s safety guidelines to ensure safety and continuous operation. Read on to learn more about who OSHPD is and what they do in Upland, CA.

What is the OSHPD and what is its purpose?

The OSHPD’s vision is based on “access to safe, quality healthcare environments that meet California’s dynamic and diverse needs.” This government organization is dedicated to providing safe and effective healthcare facilities through safety checks and guidelines, research and development and promoting a diverse, dynamic workforce throughout the system.

OSHPD describes itself as the center of a “community map.” The industries and individuals it works with form the next circle of the map, including data providers, healthcare providers, business support partners, public service partners, workforce developers and construction, finance and design professionals. The final outer circle of the community map is the residents of California, as the organization is working for their benefit.

When it comes to the construction industry, OSHPD primarily performs inspections. The organization and contractors work together to go over the construction plan, from seismic stability to the electrical system. Contractors schedule inspections with OSHPD as construction progresses, allowing the organization to keep a close eye on what’s happening.

How important is OSHPD? In short, it needs to approve every aspect of a facility’s construction—if you don’t perform construction to code and have the organization inspect it, the facility won’t be able to operate.

How Ham’s Electric, Inc. works with OSHPD

OSHPD has multiple core functions, including “monitoring the construction, renovation and seismic safety of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities and providing loan insurance to assist the capital needs of California’s not-for-profit healthcare facilities.” Ham’s Electric, Inc. works alongside OSHPD to help ensure safe electrical systems for healthcare facilities.

For example, OSHPD puts out guidelines to ensure the safety of our healthcare buildings, like this updated Electrical Load Capacity Verification Guideline. Initially put out in 1993, it requires that electrical engineers submit load capacity verifications for all healthcare buildings. This is designed to ensure electrical systems can adequately handle the needs of patients, providers and their equipment.

Specifically, electrical engineers are required to test the systems and provide data to OSHPD for approval. For example, the Electrical Load Capacity guidelines state that “the recordings under these options shall be performed under the supervision of an electrical engineer, who shall ensure that the timing, duration and sampling rate of the recordings result in a demand that reflects the true maximum for the service/feeder.”

Now that you understand who OSHPD is, be sure to call Ham’s Electric, Inc. in Upland, CA the next time you need to ensure your electrical systems are installed to code.