About Ham’s Electric Inc.

Since 1986, the highly-skilled & experienced technicians at Ham’s Electric, Inc. have been providing Southern California commercial and industrial facilities with the up-to-the-minute, latest strategies and standardized techniques to help them better manage their critical power needs.

When your office or facility runs powered, critical equipment, Ham’s Electric is an IBEW union-staffed, NECA-member company that provides the best and safest installation, repair and maintenance of power supply, surge protection, generators, UPS and power monitoring systems available. We offer 24 hour a day emergency service for any of your power needs, 365 days a year. Ham’s Electric provides you something no one else in Southern California can give you: the peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happens, you’re covered!

In today’s market, saving money is crucial, and the professionals at Ham’s Electric are ready to work with you to design, install and maintain your power systems so that they meet the most stringent of efficiency standards.

More important than the qualifications and the training is the attention to customer satisfaction that has been the hallmark of Ham’s Electric service department: no job is too large or too small.

Our reputation for quality and safety compliments the fairness of our pricing. We know we want you as a client for a long time, and we ensure you will always do business with Ham’s Electric. After all, quality work at a fair price ensures you get the job done right the first time.

If you have a power emergency, call us at 909.982.7344, 24/ 7/ 365.
If you need assistance, have a question or want an estimate for your situation, Click Here [LINKTO: Contact Us] and fill out our inquiry form: we will respond within 48 hours.


According to NECA, the National Electrical Contractors Association, the following are the 3 questions that you need to ask yourself before choosing an Electrical Contractor:

• Is the contractor technically proficient?
• Is the contractor reputable and financially stable?
• Does the contractor have a thorough understanding of your business?

NECA believes it is important to know that your electrical contractor and the contractor’s employees are licensed in the jurisdiction where your project is located. This means that the contractor fully understands and complies with NECA and that the work will be inspected under their standards, resulting in a safe installation.
Reliability means that you can be sure that the installed electrical systems continue to perform the way they were designed over a long period of time. For this reason, NECA publishes the National Electrical Installation Standards™ that establish a level of quality for installing electrical products and systems.

It is equally important that the people who install your electrical work are adequately trained to insure safety and reliability. Most commercial electricians employed by NECA contractors complete an apprenticeship program that includes a minimum of 1,000 hours of classroom instruction and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. You can depend on a NECA electrical contracting professional to provide well-trained electricians and technician with the right skill set for your work.

You’re looking for a contractor that is sound financially and has a good reputation. NECA electrical contractors are local businesses, and have made both a financial investment and personal commitment to your community. Make sure you talk to customers in your industry that have done business with the contractor. Ask for and check references.
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